Snap post

This is a sidetrack. I was looking for my papyrifera knitting pattern ( by the way papyrifera is a paperbirch, I found out just now, wanting to link to the papyrifera pattern. Canoes were traditionally made from this tree. And I’m withstanding the urge to read Frost right now because I might accidentally write a long winded knotty blog and I’ll never get to the knitting part of my evening) when I noticed a question about keeping a snap-log. I’m not sure if that’s a word, if not: I proclaim snap-log to be a new English noun, a diary or blog with snippets of thought and ideas.

Well, of course I had to start a snap-log myself, so here I am, writing the first blog on my phone. Bye for now, snap tomorrow.

Knitting is such a calming activity. It’s one large organized knot, really.