Long time

…no write. Lots of reasons why I didn’t, but the reason I AM writing now is that I’m keeping it short & simple. Which reminds me I might write about ampersand tomorrow, but I’m keeping on track today and I’m only sharing my latest project: a shawl, pattern by Stephen West. If you wanna be a knitter, you gotta knit with some friends…

Anyhow, I like the way he gets creative with knitting possibilities. I’m making the esjan now.IMG_20171029_201416

Notice the large gaps? It will be partij and hopefullyly tomorrow I’ll add some links.



Wow, this is so interesting! Sleep rhythms are different for different age groups, and this may have originated as a means to keep families safe from predators. Because if family groups sleep huddled up together, there’s always somebody awake, or sleeping lightly.

Sleep ‘disorders’ may actually be an ancient adaptation to keep families safe.

I should write about this! Well I am writing about this, but write-write, for an actual website, with readers and stuff.

I do write for ‘real websites’ actually, but many ideas get lost due to lack of time or focus. Which brings me to my next thought: ADHD often goes with a slow(/late) circadian rhythm. Maybe this is an adaptation too? We’re supposed to be night owls, saving our friends and family from stalking cave lions while everybody else is asleep? Except for teenagers of course. Who needs people with ADHD when you’ve got teenagers?




My kid loves books

My kid loves books.


Creative use of just about anything has always been one of my strengths, I sort of have to because of my habit of stumbling into unforeseen situations.

I think most children are naturally good at seeing a million ways to use things. Seeing possibilities beyond the obvious, improvise, create, play. I remember a neighbor telling my toddler: ‘that’s not a comb, it’s a rake!’ (don’t worry, plastic toy, not the big sharp nasty poke-your-eye-out kind of thing). Nooooo! It’s a comb! And a rake! And a bridge for the toy car, a lock for the playhouse, a long neck dino and everything you want it to be! It’s sad so many people lose this playfulness.

‘Lose’ isn’t the best description though. Lose sight of it, put it away, get scared of doing stuff ‘wrong’. Grown-ups often don’t trust their playfulness, hiding it in a closet locked with ‘supposed-to’s’.

I wonder what would happen if we set free all the wacky, colourful playfulness, and stop being (/making people) afraid to make mistakes or ‘suppost-akes’. It just might be wonderful.

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Burnt oven hack

My oven hasn’t had the loving care it deserves. It’s black and sticky, and creates smoke every time I turn it on.

So, I decided to try this oven cleaning hack. It seemed perfect timing because the oven was still hot from the baguettes I just baked (because we were out of bread).

Mixing the stuff I was thinking: this sounds like the vulcano science project my 4yo did…. And of course it was exactly like that. I quickly wacked the vulcano in┬ámy oven (I never put things in the oven anymore, not since I’ve seen Jamie Oliver), and reread the article.

100 degrees, is that Fahrenheit or Celsius? And then I read the comments.

Well. I can’t mess my oven up any worse than it was beforehack, right?


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I was going to write every day. Snappy, so I wouldn’t procrastinate because of perfectionism issues. So, I had some ideas, every day, but didn’t get to it. Now I’m getting to it, but I don’t remember what I wanted to write about.

In the old days I probably would have beaten myself up over it. But I’m done with that. Well, some days. Most days maybe even. So, I fell off the horse, and I’m getting back up.

What went wrong? I think part of it is me being distracted. I promised my youngest I’d finish her papyrifera shawl today, so she could show her friends at school. Tomorrow the summer holidays start. So I knit, knitted, knitted some more, crocheted untill late last night, and blocked it. So I was done by midnight, right on time right?

Telephone says I’m late in picking her up from school though. So, perfectionism out of the window, this blog is okay for today.



Wason& beer logic

So I saw this puzzle, a friend posted it online. It’s called the Wason selection test, and apparently most people get it wrong. Unless you use beer cards.

Let me explain. Oh, correction. Let the video explain:

And with beer:

Each card has an age on one side, and a drink on the other. Which card(s) must be turned over to test the idea that if you are drinking alcohol then you must be over 18?


So, the wiki page goes on explaining the beer test is easier, because we’re social animals. Yes, I won’t argue with that. But isn’t the second puzzle a different puzzle altogether?

With the color cards, if the question would be: ‘all the cards with an even number can’t have a green back, which of the cards do you have to turn around to check?’, wouldn’t most people get it right?

If so, it’s not a social clue that helps, it’s that our brain is bad with negation. The question states blue, we look at blue. Question says green…

Unless you’re a computer of course. Computer says no… Which is why it would be interesting to know whether programmers don’t need beer to solve the puzzle.


Snap post

This is a sidetrack. I was looking for my papyrifera knitting pattern ( by the way papyrifera is a paperbirch, I found out just now, wanting to link to the papyrifera pattern. Canoes were traditionally made from this tree. And I’m withstanding the urge to read Frost right now because I might accidentally write a long winded knotty blog and I’ll never get to the knitting part of my evening) when I noticed a question about keeping a snap-log. I’m not sure if that’s a word, if not: I proclaim snap-log to be a new English noun, a diary or blog with snippets of thought and ideas.

Well, of course I had to start a snap-log myself, so here I am, writing the first blog on my phone. Bye for now, snap tomorrow.

Knitting is such a calming activity. It’s one large organized knot, really.