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Behaviorism’ed [bɪˈheɪvjərɪz(ə)md] : Taught to beat yourself up over mistakes and devalue yourself for not being perfect.

credit to Steeps&Stims

I’ve got many thoughts right now. See, I’ve been writing about this stuff for quite a few years now. I write about parenting, and take a strong stance against Behaviorist tendencies. I think focussing on behavior is a very devaluating approach since people are so, so much more than what they do. And yes, children are people too. Behaviorist parenting is scratching the surface so you like what you see, ignoring the deeper layers, the inner workings of the child. And the child might adjust, showing you what you like to see even if it takes a few dislocated cogwheels; or bleed. Which isn’t pretty, so more harsh measures are sometimes inflicted (‘she’s acting out, so we need bigger punishment’).  Continue reading “Behaviorism’ed”