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Magic wand

I made this last week (see picture). It’s a planner for my 4yo, so she can see what we’ve got planned in the weeks ahead. And she can add stuff (I printed it obviously. Well, asked someone to print it for me). Because she has PLANS. And she remembers what she was about to do! Not like me, I remember lots of things like random phone numbers, a lot of information on breastfeeding and brain development, and of course every embarrassing moment in my 41yo life.  But I tend to forget names, where I put stuff, and what I was about to do. Which makes for many an embarrassing moment, btw. Ooooh the amount of time spent standing in a room, trying to figure out why I came in there…

Last week my 4yo wanted to make a magic wand. She saw a crafty example in a magazine, so she kept repeating she needed x, y and z to make this wand. Which we had to buy. In different shops, to which we went on different days, all the while she kept her goal in mind. I admire her. She made her wand, I’m wondering if I should go downstairs and make  a picture to share in this blog. But I’m afraid I’ll forget and this blog will gather dust on the virtual shelf.

So, I will post this blog like it is. And maybe I’ll add a picture later. Or not.

But, since my 4yo is a 4yo, she doesn’t really remember WHEN she’s home to craft something, or when I can help her buy stuff or when I promised to take her to the park. And now she does. Maybe she can help me remember. Or use her magic wand to make me remember my goals like I remember songs I want to forget.



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