My kid loves books

My kid loves books.


Creative use of just about anything has always been one of my strengths, I sort of have to because of my habit of stumbling into unforeseen situations.

I think most children are naturally good at seeing a million ways to use things. Seeing possibilities beyond the obvious, improvise, create, play. I remember a neighbor telling my toddler: ‘that’s not a comb, it’s a rake!’ (don’t worry, plastic toy, not the big sharp nasty poke-your-eye-out kind of thing). Nooooo! It’s a comb! And a rake! And a bridge for the toy car, a lock for the playhouse, a long neck dino and everything you want it to be! It’s sad so many people lose this playfulness.

‘Lose’ isn’t the best description though. Lose sight of it, put it away, get scared of doing stuff ‘wrong’. Grown-ups often don’t trust their playfulness, hiding it in a closet locked with ‘supposed-to’s’.

I wonder what would happen if we set free all the wacky, colourful playfulness, and stop being (/making people) afraid to make mistakes or ‘suppost-akes’. It just might be wonderful.


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