Wason& beer logic

So I saw this puzzle, a friend posted it online. It’s called the Wason selection test, and apparently most people get it wrong. Unless you use beer cards.

Let me explain. Oh, correction. Let the video explain:

And with beer:

Each card has an age on one side, and a drink on the other. Which card(s) must be turned over to test the idea that if you are drinking alcohol then you must be over 18?


So, the wiki page goes on explaining the beer test is easier, because we’re social animals. Yes, I won’t argue with that. But isn’t the second puzzle a different puzzle altogether?

With the color cards, if the question would be: ‘all the cards with an even number can’t have a green back, which of the cards do you have to turn around to check?’, wouldn’t most people get it right?

If so, it’s not a social clue that helps, it’s that our brain is bad with negation. The question states blue, we look at blue. Question says green…

Unless you’re a computer of course. Computer says no… Which is why it would be interesting to know whether programmers don’t need beer to solve the puzzle.


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